Today is my birthday~


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Something new about my blog.

Okay, I’ve changed theme and you know, I liked it.

I hope you will read my message on the home page and please-please-please, tell me what do you want me to do because I don’t know with who and which thematic to make a gifs! And you can ask me anything, if you want ;)

[i hope you are understand what I’m talking about because my English isn’t very good тт.тт and if I make something wrong please write me too ahaha]

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First and last: Kokoa Shuzen.

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is it over?

i already finished read this manga

and u know

it’s such a nostalgia

im waiting for 3rd season of manga

and now im back to my photoshop to work

and after this i rewatch the anime

wish me luck, my followers

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Fight with Ruby (requested from anon)

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I need your help.

Guys, please, write me what do you want to see at my blog. I have no idea what to do at photoshop! Please, write me what you wanna to see and I made this. Thanks for help! I’ll be waiting!

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Rosario + Vampire + colors

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I’m at home! YES! Photoshoop, I miss you so much!

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I’m so sorry, my friends but I have to go to my grandma. I will be back at 8th july. I’ll miss you so much.

Happy holidays!

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Season one: Mizore Shirayuki.

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